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Talent Based Outsourcing Services

We specialize in Talent Based Outsourcing (TBO), a unique service offering that provides outcome-based, result-oriented outsourcing of operations, sales and services to enhance flexibility, efficiency and productivity

Talent Based Outsourcing

Today’s business environment is volatile, competitive and complex. To stay ahead, organizations are looking for innovative ways to optimize their resources while still managing to be competitive and agile. Quick access to the right talent, that will deliver on the set goals, without 100% management involvement, is what organizations are seeking from business partners. ManpowerGroup delivers just that!

Talent Based Outsourcing (TBO) is the new success formula – built upon our experience of managing millennial workforce and expertise in crafting impactful solutions, we deliver the result you seek to keep yourself ahead in a demanding world.

Why Talent Based Outsourcing from ManpowerGroup?

Experienced Experts

We leverage our global workforce insight, experience and expertise in sourcing and managing talent across a broad range of skills in all industries and functions to quickly deliver efficiency and productivity to your operations.

Global Experience. Local Solutions

Our unparalleled global network and local expertise make us stand out in our ability to provide you with innovative and scalable solutions anywhere in the world. Globally, we have nearly 3,900 offices in over 80 countries working closely with our clients beyond the Indian subcontinent.

Flexibility & Speed

We are agile in picking the right talent, building teams and optimizing their performance through various training programs and performance matrix. Our ability to rapidly respond to your needs gives you the flexibility to take advantage of opportunities that don’t wait for you.

Customized Solutions

We build a deep, collaborative partnership with you to understand your business, competition and market and the challenges you encounter in your everyday life. With this understanding, we brainstorm with our segment-expert team and curate a customized solution that will not only be effective but will seem like a seamless extension of your team and its operations.

Outcomes Delivered

Our solutions are outcome-based. We mutually decide on the Key Performance Indicators, targets and periodicity along with you. We share the risk and benefits of your business in the true spirit of partnership through Talent Based Outsourcing program. Our Talent Based Outsourcing (TBO) solutions have helped companies improve Returns on Investment, time-saving and efficiencies while enjoying global standards of operations, delivery and quality of output.