Staffing involves finding the right people, with the right skills and abilities, who may be hired or already working for any company (organization). Monster provides best staffing solutions for business companies.

We find the right staff
Monster do all the legwork in finding the right employee. This can really save the company a lot of money when the need is for a new executive or manager. Since most staffing agencies maintain a comprehensive list of prospects, the changes of having the right person in the permanent position may take days rather than weeks or months.We provide the staffing solutions for your organization. Solutions that help your organization perform better and faster. We are committed to consistently maintain high standards of quality in the services we provide. Our aim is to exceed the needs, expectations & requirements of our clients. We strive to raise the benchmarks of our quality standards through our continuous improvement.

Fulcrum is dedicated to ensuring our recruitment candidates and sponsoring organizations find the very best match to meets their needs. We are committed to build long-term relationships with our recruitment candidates and recruiting organizations.

Placement Consultants

We have vast network of placement consultants all over India, which is a great advantage both to corporate clients as well as seeker candidates. Monster has a big list of placement consultants that provide auspicious results to full fill the requirement of job seekers and hiring companies. Our modus operandi / core strength is our well trained / experienced staffs who are specialized in talent hunt i.e. identifying and sourcing candidates from the exact companies in India who are engaged in similar business.
Placement consultants in India offer various jobs in different fields. The advantage of these placement consultants is that they offer you a wide range of jobs and you can choose any one of your choice. Once you choose the job of your desire, they will make arrangement for your interview in the respective company. Some placement consultants also recruit on behalf of some companies.Fulcrum has a big list of placement consultants that any one can opt for those consultants. This way we not only save time but also help companies to recruit suitable man power in short time