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We, Fulcrum are well established with Resource Recruitment. We are providing solutions for all kinds of and all levels of Manpower to different organizations in different sectors Recruitment Advisory Kondhwa Budruk Pune.

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The professional discipline and business function that oversees an organization’s human resources is called human resource management (HRM, or simply HR).

Recruitment Advisory Kondhwa Budruk Pune

We are providing Recruitment Solutions in many sectors as Recruitment Agency, Placement Agency & Manpower Agency.

The major sectors we are serving are described below. Our clients are relying on us in the following sectors as Best Recruitment Agency and Best Placement Agency in Pune and Mumbai & Navi Mumbai. We have received appreciation from clients as Best Recruitment Consultant in Pune And Mumbai & Navi Mumbai area.

We are providing Recruitment Solution PAN India basis. Contact our office for getting right Manpower or Resource for your organization.

Fulcrum Human Resources offers an all-inclusive recruitment service for organisations.

Our dedicated consultants understand the value of profiling the right person for the right profession and adapt a dynamic systematic approach to build a long lasting relationship with you.


The managerial function of staffing involves manning the organization structure through proper and effective selection, appraisal and development of the personnel’s to fill the roles assigned to the employers/workforce.

Short-term projects are one of the highlights of modern day business. We provide temporary staffing solutions that will help in hiring ideal candidates.

Fulcrum Resources provides temporary staff across a range of skill-sets across many locations in the country for a variety of industry sectors. We manage the entire HR process right from recruitment and selection, on-boarding, payroll, compliance, training till providing you detailed management reports.

HR Consulting

We offers a wide range of Consulting services to our clients, which helps them to build systems and processes to acquire, engage and develop their human capital.

With veterans in HR Consulting, we offer end-to-end solutions in Consulting, for our clients.

If you would like to learn more about Fulcrum Resources solutions for your business, please get in touch with us today at .

Recruitment Process

At Fulcrum Resources, we not only provide recruitment consultancy services to our clients but also give the applicants a perfect platform to get their dream jobs. We can help our clients to get the suitable candidates, cultivate them and retain them. Our comprehensive recruitment and staffing solutions as HR consultant ensure the delivery of profitable propositions for your workforce requirements.


HR Outsourcing

We offer strategic outsourcing solutions that give clients access to intellectual capital which may not available in-house. By handling all the backend processes in an efficient and time-bound manner, we help organizations to focus on their core processes. We help small firms with access to the same economies of scale, efficiency, and expertise that large companies enjoy.

We provide fully integrated


Contract & Temporary Staffing

Fulcrum is committed to providing HR and staffing solutions to our clients, no matter the field. As a one-stop service provider in this field of employment, our Agency can provide temporary or contract staffs in the shortest possible time. We will manage all the necessary administration such as payroll, insurance, and compensation, to give you a peace of mind.

Executive Search

Fulcrum understands the value that a successful executive search offers an organisation. Trained to be top headhunters with experiences in Maharastra and the region, what we offer our clients is sourcing and qualifying that unique human talent to best fit your business. Through our personality reviews and background research, Fulcrum ensures that the candidates we offer to your company are not only well qualified for the role, but will also seamlessly fit into your company values.

General Recruitment

Recruitment and HR as a function is designed to make your organisation’s hiring decisions easier and simpler. Here at People Profilers, we understand the importance of providing a holistic HR support, and the burden it can ease from your business. Our agency provides general job placements from junior to mid-level executives and managers. Being a one-stop HR service provider,

Recruitment Advisory Kondhwa Budruk Pune

HR Specialisations

Every core business is different. Fulcrum Resources are completely customised to address your company’s specific HR requirements. Our track record speaks for itself – and our HR and recruiting solutions have been applied to a wide range of clients across the following industries:

Team Selection

Hiring the right person is tough. Fulcrum Resources makes your choice easier. With Fulcrum Resources, you can do job applicant selection quickly and easily online, to help you make the best hiring decision

There are lots of talented and skilled candidates who possibly seek employment in your company. The challenge lies in finding the right candidate who will meet your requirements and will excel once hired.

Fulcrum Resources brings the expertise as the largest team of recruitment specialists in the country that helps identifying the best talent for roles across various levels in your organization. Our teams are organized along industry sectors.

Team Training

Historically, Organizations that have found themselves struggling to take competition head on, drive innovation or take calculated business risks betrayed the (lack of) preparedness of their workforce. Leadership Development, Succession Planning and Learning and Development interventions are gaining more significance and employers are increasingly looking for ways to gain and maintain a competitive edge in the challenging markets that they exist in.

The main areas of focus has been on behavioral and attitudinal training for young professionals who are getting into careers .The core belief behind our programs is that “Individuals comfortable about their identities and personality. The Organization stands to gain in business performance.


Kondhwa Budruk ,  Pune

Kondhwa Budruk is an upcoming residential and commercial locality in the fast developing city of Pune. The neatly subdivided streets and innumerable property establishments represent the growth and potential this locality holds. The neighbourhood is strategically located, as it is surrounded by the popular localities of Kondhwa, Dhankawadi, and Katraj. It is situated in the peripheral region, 9 km towards the south east of Pune. Hence, it enjoys the simultaneous benefit of real estate growth along with a serene environment, free from the hassles of a city life.

Pune-Mumbai Highway, also known as Satara Road in this region, is located to the west of Kondhwa Budruk and offers easy access to other parts of the city. Not limited solely to the residential projects and commercial entities, the locality is also well endowed with lush green parks such as Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park, located 10 minutes from here.

Kondhwa Budruk is an example as to why Pune has been referred to as a ‘student city’ by many. The social infrastructure facilities present here are immense. Educational institutions such as Smt. Kashibai Navale Institute of Education, Sinhgad Academy of Engineering, and Sinhgad Institute of Business and Administration Research are the major growth drivers here. The prominent commercial and residential establishments here include, Property Journal and Salve Garden, respectively.

Connectivity and Transit Points

Kondhwa Budruk is connected to Pune-Bangalore Highway via Katraj Kondhwa Road, which is situated towards the south of the locality. Katraj Hadapsar Bypass Road is a radial road located towards the west of Kondhwa Budruk, connecting it to Pandharpur Road, which in turn links to Mumbai Highway towards the north.

Pune Junction Railway Station, the prominent railway station of the city, is located 11 km away, and can be accessed via Jawaharlal Nehru Road or Kondhwa Road. Ghorpuri Railway Station and Shivajinagar Railway Station are other stations situated within a 10-km radius of the area. Pune International Airport is situated 18 km away, and can be reached within 45 minutes via Airport Road and Prince of Wales Drive Road.

The locality has sufficient public transportation options as well. MSRTC buses ply passengers from Kondhwa Budruk to other parts of the city. Apart from this, more common methods of transport such as taxis and autos are also available here in plenty.

Major Landmarks

Property Journal

Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park

Salve Garden

Iskcon NVCC Temple

Sinhgad Academy of Engineering

Factors for Growth in the Past

Kondhwa Budruk, until very recently used to be a village. Up to the mid 1970’s, Pune used to only consist of Central and Inner Pune. Now, as Pune has started to expand and become a bigger city, a number of peripheral areas are being included in the limits of the municipality. Kondhwa Budruk, being one such suburb witnessed growth due to this inclusion.
As people started moving towards the extremes of the city to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, vacant areas like Kondhwa Budruk slowly started to gain prominence. The abundant available land enticed several developers and investors to invest and improve the real estate market of the area.

Residential & Commercial Market

Residential Market Trends

Maximum demand for property here is in the form of high-rise and multi-storey apartments. There are also a number of residential plots available for sale in Kondhwa Budruk . The residential market in Kondhwa Budruk has been witnessing an increase in the property values as it is being fuelled by rising demand.
At present, the average capital value is about Rs 4,495 per sq. ft. However, values for premium projects in Kondhwa Budruk is higher than the usual rate, and falls close to Rs 5,000 per sq. ft.

Commercial Market Trends

The average rate for offices is approximately Rs 6,935 per sq. ft. Shops are priced a bit higher, and sell at an average rate of Rs 9,880 per sq. ft. Commercial plots, on the other hand, sell at an average rate of Rs 1,420 per sq. ft. These rates are much more affordable when compared to other parts of Pune, and as a result, many companies are now setting up their businesses in Kondhwa and Kondhwa Budruk.

Major Challenges