Our Approach

Our Recruitment Team is extremely thorough in our processes and focuses on the specific needs of your organisation and your industry.

OUR Method

Fulcrum is fully committed to understanding your needs, to advising you and to responding precisely to your requirements in terms of quality and deadlines.

Our services meet the highest standards of the market. We rigorously search and select skilled candidates and propose a qualitative offer consisting in systematically proposing the most adapted resources.

We apply a quality approach to the entire process of consultancy and selection of skills to guarantee you quality and efficiency regardless of the complexity of the topics covered.


Once we have identified the required traits of the candidates, we endeavour to source for you using our considerable resources the best talent not just in pune, but through our extensive all Indianetwork. For us, no step is too far to ensure the perfect fit. We conduct rigorous screening and profiling to ensure the right talent is matched with the right role, including personal interviews by our consultants, personality tests, and a personalized range of profiling tools.

After Fulcrum  have identified and compiled a shortlist of the best fit talent for your organisation, their profile and portfolio is then submitted for your perusal – coupled with the expert advice from our consultants on which candidate is best suited to serve your needs.

Of course, our belief in building bonds with our clients means the relationship doesn’t end there.

Our consultants will be there for you on every step of the way, and we actively encourage organisations to give us feedback on the hires they’ve made, so we can become better at what we do!

our values

Customer Satisfaction

 We build a long-term partnership with you. Your challenges and the success of your projects are our top priorities.


We constantly challenge ourselves and overcome obstacles. We are dedicated to serving you both in good times and in more difficult ones.


 The respect and the valuing of our collaborators are fundamental. We keep our commitments and guarantee you prompt and proactive responses.


Our teams act with integrity, rigor and transparency and put forth their best efforts to offer you outstanding services and gain your trust.


Actively listening to our collaborators and to your needs creates bonds of trust that are reflected in the quality of the services we offer you.