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Leadership Development Solutions

Selecting Leaders is one of the most important decisions a company can make, yet 87% of organisations cannot confirm that they have future leaders identified to fill critical roles.

Leadership Solution

A business linked assessments approach for insights-driven decision making

Whether your organisation is looking to hire new talent, uncover existing high-potentials, or determine proficiency of individuals in their current or future roles, ManpowerGroup has a valid and reliable assessment approach that will give you insights-based actionable inputs. Results can also be leveraged to develop self-awareness and coaching for leaders. When assessing, one size does not fit all. Our clear differentiation is contextualization – to the organization, the role, the situation and the individual.

Assessments for Hiring or Promotion Decisions

We help organizations choose the best person for their critical roles (externally or internally) by leveraging insights from an individual’s perception, skills, personality and potential. Our methodologies and tools are thoroughly validated and are available for deployment virtually and physically.

Assessments for Development

We enable organizations to take assessment backed development decisions. This helps our clients ensure that development investments generate a ROI, and results are predictable and measurable. Development recommendations are mapped to roles and organizational competencies, to ensure relevance and real-world impact.

Enhancing Sales Effectiveness with Assessments

Today’s sales organizations require unique skills to deliver breakthrough performance. Our holistic assessment methodology takes a tailored approach to identifying and development talent that will win you more business. Our assessment and analytics experts provide data-driven recommendations to drive effective sales and generate ROI.

RightStep: The Human Age Assessments

Globalization today is the norm, not the exception. And in an era where companies are increasingly working across geographies, it is imperative to tailor talent solutions to suit the convenience of the workforce anywhere, anytime. Based on more than 30 years of experience in aligning talent strategy with business strategy, we recognize the need to deliver talent solutions virtually, and the most recent online solution in our kitty is RightStep, a robust online assessment platform, comprising of a repository of tools including a Business Simulation, Role Plays, and Behavioral Event Interviews among others.