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Microsoft SharePoint is a highly customizable and powerful web-based collaborative platform that is extremely flexible and malleable to allow developers to create a plethora of solutions. SharePoint integrates deeply with the ubiquitous Microsoft Office platform, and is one of the major web-based collaborative solutions used by enterprises as well small and medium businesses worldwide. With over 190 million users and 200,000 corporate organizations using the solution, the requirement for SharePoint developers has become mandatory in both Fortune 500 and start-up organizations alike. Alliance International allows organizations to hire dedicated developers and some of the very best SharePoint developers across the world.

Requisite Skills for a Sharepoint Developer

To assist organizations in hiring SharePoint developers, Alliance International has developed a unique recruitment process which matches a variety of skills which a SharePoint developer must possess in order to become an asset for the organization. Here are a few criteria which Alliance International uses to select the very best amongst a pool of SharePoint developers:
Programming Skill
A SharePoint developer must be well aware of the Microsoft development ecosystem, and must be comfortable in using languages such as .NET and C# in order to develop SharePoint apps properly. The .NET platform is the basis of SharePoint and custom development requires the knowledge of the .NET syntax. Furthermore, C# is extensively used in developing modular and customizable solutions and is an additional knowledge set which comes handy for SharePoint developers.
SharePoint Platform
The SharePoint platform developed by Microsoft has a wide array of inbuilt tools which can provide a variety of benefits to developers creating modern and innovating web solutions for their organizations. These tools include the SharePoint Object Model and the SharePoint designer; two tools which are extremely handy and much easier than using other tools and languages. The knowledge of native SharePoint structures is a must for any SharePoint developer.

Web Development Tools

Since SharePoint is an online collaborative tool, it is essential for dedicated web developer to possess knowledge about the fundamentals of web development and design including HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

JQuery and REST API

JQuery and the REST API is the backbone of data exchange on the internet. While REST API is used by applications to exchange data among themselves, JQuery is used to parse the requisite data and display it on the web browser. For simple SharePoint forms, InfoPath can be used; however, when forms require complexity and customization, both these languages come into play. A quality SharePoint developer should possess these skills in their repertoire.

Windows Platform

The Windows platform is one of the most common operating systems for users, with an astounding 86% market dominance in the desktop and laptop space. The platform has a wide selection of developer tools whose knowledge is essential for a SharePoint developer. The Windows tools include Microsoft Visio, a vector graphics application; Microsoft InfoPath, a tool used to develop simple electronic forms; Visual Studio, the best IDE for Windows-based development purposes; and Windows PowerShell, a powerful command-line interface for easy system management, automation and optimization.

About Alliance International

Alliance International has been at the forefront of assisting multiple organizations across the world hire SharePoint developers for their varying requirements. The company is located around the world with presence in the Middle East, the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore and various cities in India. As an organization, Alliance International provides assistance to both corporate enterprises as well as small and medium businesses to recruit the best SharePoint developers for its esteemed clientele across the globe.

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