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Hire Java Developer

Hire Java Developer

The advancement of information technology has become all-pervasive in the 21st century, with a large number of services and solutions being available through computerized means. The impact of information technology has been most felt in multinational corporations who require enterprise-level stability with very high portability of computer code. With the advancement of semiconductor technology, computers have become more adept at deconstructing abstract-level concepts to electronic pulses. As a result a large number of programming languages have cropped up, allowing multinational corporations as well as hobbyists to develop computer code with ease. One of the most prominent programming languages being used to develop enterprise-grade software is Java. Alliance International, a premier recruitment agency provides recruitment services for the hiring of Java developers to corporations and start-ups alike.

What is Java and How to Hire Java Programmers?

Java is a programming language developed in the mid-1990s to provide developers the option to get the ease of development of interpreted languages with the speed of execution of compiled languages. Java is based on modern computer programming paradigms including a class-based object oriented approach.

The general nature of the programming language coupled with enterprise-level security stack backed by Oracle has made the language the de-facto language for enterprise systems. In the modern day, Java has seen a resurgence amongst the hobbyist and start-up segments due to the fact that Android applications were originally developed in Java. At Alliance International, the company provides organizations with end-to-end staffing and recruitment solutions for hiring Java programmers.

How to Hire Dedicated Java Developer?

As a programming language, Java is one of the most popular languages in use, and is constantly being updated and improved to provide better performance, stability and security. As an organization with a global reputation of providing superior talent to various organizations, Alliance International uses a wide variety of methods to screen candidates. Some of the criteria for hiring dedicated Java developers are:

  • Framework Knowledge
    Java gets updated every couple of years, and the newer versions of the program come with various tweaks which make it easier to program and run the code. Hence, skills achieved in one version of the program may not translate to a newer version of the program.
  • Library and Tool set Knowledge
    Java has a huge array of toolkits and modules which make it much easier to develop complex pieces of code in a simple and easy manner. A good Java developer should be able to use the requisite toolkits, and not re-create those functionalities from scratch.
  • Knowledge of Java EE Components
    The primary benefit of Java over other programming languages including the advanced C/C++ set of programming languages,is its support for enterprise requirements backed by Oracle. While hire dedicated developers for enterprise, the developer should be able to work with Java Server Pages (JSP), Servlets, Enterprise Java Beans, Java Message Service and other enterprise components with ease.
  • Knowledge of Java Web Frameworks
    With the ubiquity of the internet, a large number of programming languages can be made to work with web-based interfaces. The Java Web Frameworks including Java Server Faces, Spring MVC, and Play are important skills within the repertoire of a skilled Java developer.
  • Java Application Containers
    For maximum security, Java code runs in a virtual instance known as a Java Virtual Machine (JVM), and there are various such JVMs in existence, each with their own niches. A skilled Java developer should know the inner workings of a few JVMs including the most common ones such as Tomcat, JBoss, Jetty, WebLogic and WebSphere.

As a leading recruiter in the information technology domain, Alliance International helps organizations screen and hire Java programmer online.
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