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Contract Staffing Services

Our comprehensive family of brands address the complex workforce challenges organizations face today, from contingent and permanent staffing to talent management, outsourcing, and talent development. We deliver the solutions that drive your business forward.

Manpower Contract Staffing

Workplace dynamics and requirements have changed drastically compared to the job market a few years back. Businesses often need skilled workforce to deal with the ebbs and flows of the industry’s demands. In many such cases, temporary staffing has proven a better solution.

Organisations consider temporary staffing when they have projects which require additional help without long-term commitments. This helps in making the company agile to the needs of the market while making the company lean and the workforce compliance management easy. Furthermore, the addition of short-term employees is known to enhance workplace morale and often leads to meaningful hires.

At ManpowerGroup, providing temporary staffing solutions is a hassle-free and smooth process. Our service suits the needs of organisations of varying sizes and their demands of the employees having the right skills and qualification. When it comes to finding the right talent for your business needs, rely on us.

Why choose us?

Our identity as a multi-national company with a successful track record of more than two decades in India underlines our dominance in the industry. However, there are more reasons to count on us as a reliable Staffing company:

Talent Based Outsourcing

At ManpowerGroup, we prioritise talent and skill which define a candidate for the job role. We have the well proven screening process to identify the major growth areas of freshers or experienced professionals and seek to help the companies find the desired employee. Ultimately, delivering a win-win situation for the organisation and the applicant.

Sector-wise Expertise

Temporary staffing agencies are required in all sectors, as the need for temporary workers is present everywhere. Hence, we develop teams with sector-wise expertise since we understand the skillsets required for each sector differ. These factors help us in recognising the right candidate according to a company’s needs depending on which sector they belong.

Domestic & International recruitments

We have developed expertise in temporary staffing in multiple countries, owing to our strong international presence of over 80 years. What makes us stand out in this regard is our attention to detail while finding the right employee whom you can trust on the basis of their industry expertise and qualifications.

Flexible contracts

Since temporary staffing can be of varying durations, and we customize each solution delivering flexibility to the organizations depending on their needs of skillsets, periodity and extent of scope. ManpowerGroup, as one of the major temporary staffing agencies, ensures that the candidates fulfil expectations and grow with the organisation. Don’t let the industry’s ups and downs bother your workforce. You can depend on us for hiring skilled temporary employees.